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 Pearl pigment effect


    Pearl pigments are composed of a thin layer of methane coated with several metal oxides. Changing the thin layer of metal oxide produces different pearlescent effects. Compared with other pigments, pearl pigments have an unparalleled effect on the unique soft pearl luster. The special surface structure, high refractive index and good transparency make it the same effect as pearl pearl in a transparent medium.

Pearl pigment effect
    Pearl pigment, (also known as pearlescent material or pearl powder). It is a high-brightness material that enhances the added value of products. It has a good effect in the printing industry. It can improve the vividness of the color of the product, and can also change the color rendering effect. It has a rainbow-like interference color, reflection and refraction on the sheet. . The interference color differs depending on the thickness of titanium dioxide or other metal oxides, and has a deep, three-dimensional, silky feel and an excellent multicolor effect.
    The excellent chemical and high temperature resistance of pearl pigments offers its potential for wide application in coatings, inks, plastics and many other fields. They provide a new color system and color quality for these products. Pearl pigments have low levels of heavy metals and meet relevant safety technical standards, making them suitable for food packaging and children's toys. Both acid and alkali can not attack pearl pigment at room temperature. Pearl pigment can not burn, is not self-igniting, non-conductive, and can withstand high temperatures of 600~800 °C. Pearl pigments can also be used in reactive coatings for radiation curing systems (electron beam curing, photocuring). The special surface chemical structure of pearl pigment makes it excellent in hydrophilicity, so it can be applied to water-based paints, but it has poor lipophilicity. Therefore, when used in an organic system, the problem of poor dispersibility may occur, and the pearl pigment needs to be surface-treated. So that it can be well applied to organic systems.