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 Pearl pigment supplier


The basic concept of pearl pigment
Pearl pigment is a kind of lustrous pigment: non-toxic, odorless, acid and alkali resistant, non-flammable,non-explosive, non-conductive, non-migrating, easy to disperse, high heat resistance and weather resistance,fully meet strict environmental requirements . The pearl pigment has the glittering effect of the metallic
pigment, and can also produce the soft color of the natural pearl. Its glittering effect is passively illuminated, that is to say, the flashing effect is exhibited under the condition of receiving light.

Pearl pigment supplier

The metal oxide coated mica plate is very smooth, so it has good light reflection properties and transparency, that is, only a part of the light is reflected, and the transmitted part of the light passes through the mica plate to the other layer, and can continue to be fired. Multiple reflections have been formed on many levels. It is difficult for the eye to focus on a certain layer and thereby establish the depth of the light. So you can see a wonderfully deep shiny shimmer, which we call "pearl."

Therefore, when we analyze the supply market of pearl pigments, Chinese products have become an important part that cannot be ignored.

The overall supply and demand of global pearl pigments will maintain a high growth rate, and the supply will be relatively tight in 3 to 5 years. In China: Imported products will still maintain a leading position in production, sales and technology, and have an advantage in the high-end market. At the same time, they have
to gradually withdraw from the basic product line, even on some post-processing products, some functional products. It will also be squeezed out of part of the market.
In this process, the development of pearl pigment suppliers is a matter of constant attention. Based on the above analysis and prediction, it is not only safe and reliable to select some products from the pearl pigment suppliers, but also to make the current and future supply of raw materials very meaningful.It is possible to share the cost advantage and establish a supplier emergency reserve, which can avoid the risk of simply selecting imported products, and also help to accurately understand the latest products and price dynamics, and maintain a leading position among peer competitors.