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 The efficacy and effect of pearl powder


Cosmetics application
Pearlescent cosmetics is the ideal product sought by modern people. It can make beauty lovers beautiful and attractive without any toxic side effects to the skin. Zhuang Cai Pearlescent Pigments has a non-toxic, beautiful natural pearl luster and is widely used in cosmetics production. In cosmetics production, pearlescent pigments can fully exert their color-enhancing effects from the outer package to the contents. Powder, lipstick, eye shadow, nail polish, and aerosol hair spray can all be added to the base material at a rate of 3%. The resulting gloss is very charming, and cosmetically compliant people will be even more attractive! In addition, pearlescent pigments can also be used together with organic pearlescent agents such as ethylene glycol stearate to give better color and gloss.
Plastic Industry Applications
The pearlescent pigment is semi-transparent. In the application process, it must pay attention to its gloss properties and be used in order to achieve a good pearlescent effect. Due to the stable chemical properties of Zhuang Cai Pearlescent Pigments and the non-metallic pigments, the safety can be guaranteed. Therefore, it is widely used in clinker processing, such as artificial leather, wallpaper, plastic packaging film, cosmetics, shampoo packaging, home appliance plastic parts, artificial pearls, plastic buttons and other plastic products, are widely used pearlescent pigments To increase the attractiveness. And pearlescent pigments can be applied to almost all thermoplastics and some thermosets. The concentration of pearlescent pigments used in plastics depends on the application conditions, but it is generally 1-2% (resin weight) and satisfies the pearlescent effect. For some film products, up to 4-8% pearlescent pigment concentration. In addition, some of the less transparent pigments also need to use a higher content of pearlescent pigments or larger particles to highlight the effect.
Ink and paper printing applications
Zhuang Cai Pearlescent pigment has a very strong decorative effect. It can be used alone or mixed with other pigments and added to various ink bodies. Then pearl ink can be made by screen printing, gravure printing, or flexo printing. Make paper, cardboard, wallpaper, plastic, textiles add elegant candlelight luster and metallic effect. Zhuang Cai pearlescent pigments have a variety of different particle sizes, which can be appropriately selected according to the printing method.
Ceramic and enamel applications
Adding the luster of some pearls to porcelain products in classical style can make the patterns or patterns on the porcelain more vivid. Mica titanium pearlescent pigments made from synthetic fluorophlogopite or crystal mica flakes are highly resistant to high temperatures and can be widely used in ceramics and enamels. However, pearlescent pigments made of ordinary muscovite cannot withstand the firing temperature of ceramics and enamel beads. When used, the pearlescent pigment is mixed with the magnetic glaze, then coated on the dried porcelain cup according to the degree of glaze, calcined under strong oxidizing property in the furnace, and beautiful pearlite can be formed when the temperature reaches a proper value. Products, Symphony pearl ceramic products can display particularly beautiful interference color effect.
Zhuang Cai Pearlescent pigments have obvious effects, non-toxic, tasteless, high temperature resistance, strong chemical inertness, and are widely used in natural varnish species for printing and surface coating of artificial leather, which can make the original monotonous color more abundant. There are also pearlescent pigments blended directly into the transparent resin species to produce pearlescent leather, depending on the circumstances.
Automotive coatings
Zhuang Cai pearlescent pigments have stable properties and good dispersibility. Almost all coatings can be applied. Like ordinary paint production, as long as ten days of proper color pigments are applied to transparent substrates of various paints, pearl paints can be obtained, which are most suitable for paints for automobiles, motorcycles, and bicycles. Kun
Pearlescent pigments have good acid and alkali resistance and are suitable for waterborne coatings. They are resistant to sulphides, sulfides, and have no color change. Zhuangcai pigments are non-conductive and are most suitable for electrostatic coating processing. . Adding pearl powder in the bronzing process can better represent the technical effects of the fabric, and can better highlight the overall visual effect of the overall pattern. Make the traditional bronzing process more colorful.