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 Sensitive skin can use pearl powder


    Sensitive skin can use pearl powder. It needs to be tested first to determine. You can
take appropriate amount of pearl powder and add some water to the inside of the arm or the skin
behind the ear. If the skin appears red after ten minutes, Fever, tingling and other adverse
reactions, you can not use; if no adverse reactions, then you can use. Pearl powder is dry, so the
amount of pearl powder should be controlled when the girl with sensitive skin is used, and the
moisturizing work should be done well.
How to use pearl powder for sensitive skin
Mask method
After cleansing the face, apply a proper amount of pearl powder and water to a paste and apply
evenly on the face. After 15 to 20 minutes, rinse off with water. When using pearl powder as mask,
it can be used with some products with soothing anti-allergic effect, such as Chamomile Hydrosol,
Aloe Vera, etc., which can not only play a role in whitening, but also moisturize and anti-

Sensitive skin can use pearl powder
Acne method
Before going to sleep, thoroughly cleanse the skin, apply water and pearl powder to the long acne,
to cover the acne, and keep it until the early morning. Use once a day, 3 to 4 days will obviously
disappear, and basically will not leave acne marks. Pay attention to the hydration after use.

Sensitive skin can use pearl powder